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Commercial & Residential Sealcoating in Worcester, MA

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Absolute Blacktop provides high-quality driveway and parking lot sealcoating, paving, and repairs. We also provide commercial snow plowing and snow removal.

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We provide quality service for American working men and women because that’s who we are and that’s who we care about. We appreciate your time in visiting our website.

My name is Timothy Foley and I am a proud veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Our company is an independently owned, small business located in the City of Worcester.

Absolute Blacktop has been in business for over seven years. Thanks to our outstanding clients, our business continues to grow every year. We specialize in Sealcoating, Asphalt Repair, and Snow Management. We’ve earned a Triple A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and we are proud members of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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High quality hot pour sealcoating complete with crack filling and edging. Each job priced individually and satisfaction 100% guaranteed!


Pour Crack Filling

Why spend thousands replacing your existing driveway or parking lot when a high quality, hot pour  crack filling will do the trick. Crack Filling will save you money and extend the life of your pavement by years!


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Every single job is quoted by the owner of Absolute Blacktop, Tim Foley. Tim stands by EVERY job and is committed 100% to client satisfaction.


Commercial Snow Removal

Your business depends on customer access no matter what the weather! In New England, we can handle the cold and snow. What you need is a dependable and reliable snow removal company to clear your parking lot and to get you “business ready” after a big storm!





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